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MPEG Micro-Influencer

Different from general mystery shopping evaluation service plan, MPEG Micro-Influencer (Service/Food & Beverage) is sharing personal experience to their concerned groups (such as different online social media) through the service experience of retail and catering.


A post or a short video introduction with the relevant information can help personal comments such as food reviews and product after-effects be more promising.

Because MPEG Micro-Influencer (Service/Catering) is not a commercial KOL (Key Opinion Leader), they appear in the form of amateurs, also known as "Amateur Influencer", so they are more real than ordinary KOLs , be trusted by their followers, and also have a certain influence on the followers in its circle of friends.


Common Social Media:

  1. Facebook(Meta)

  2. IG

  3. Twitter

  4. RED

  5. Tiktok


For Services Enquiry, Please call: 3628 9893 or Email: 

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